How to Check Car Battery Health

How to Check Car Battery Health

How do I know if my car battery is healthy or bad? Is there any way to test my battery at home? You might be grappling for the answer to such questions on the internet. No worries!! Welcome to the blog page of Welcome to MRZ Wreckers WA!! However, we’ll guide you on the best ways to check the car battery health in a hassle-free manner. You don’t need to look anywhere.

A car battery is one of the most significant parts of the car, without which it’s impossible to start the engine. It performs several functions altogether, such as air conditioner, windscreen wipers music player, and power up all the lights in the car, including the headlights. Usually, the battery life is approximate 4 to 5 years, and the rest depends on the usage. But you can check the health of your battery whenever you face difficulty in starting the car especially, in the morning or after a few days of running. Sometimes, the power in the headlights seems to be weak than earlier. The inspection of the battery’s health is the need of the hour for car owners.

Make sure to have on a safer side by inspecting the battery at regular intervals, just like the parts of the vehicle. You need to keep an eye on the battery and check whether it is in good working condition or not.

The Best Methods to check the Health of Car Battery.


A voltmeter is the best ultimate device or technology to check the battery voltage, just like the piece of cake. Don’t hold a chip on your shoulder when you see the dead battery, especially in the office. Therefore, it’s better to check it every 15 days. Before using this device, one needs to understand its working properly. There are two types of voltmeter available in the market, namely analogue & digital voltmeter. According to your preference & budget, you can purchase any of the two above mentions. The vast majority of people prefer to second one digital voltmeter due to its accuracy and convenient usage.

Let’s figure out how to use digital voltmeter-

Firstly, you need to switch off the ignition, radio, engine, and all headlights and other devices running on battery. Secondly, you have to remove both the terminals of battery i.e., positive & negative. Make it clean properly. Thirdly, connect the positive terminal (redcolour) to the positive lead of voltmeter and negative terminal ( blackcolour) to the negative lead. In this manner, the voltmeter shows the result on its screen, and if the volt persists between 12.4 to 12.7, it will indicate a healthy battery.

What if volt is below 12.4? There is a need to recharge the battery and recheck the voltage through the same steps. If it stills shown below 12.4 then, the car battery is quite weak and unhealthy. It’s time to change the battery.
Car Headlights

If you don’t have a voltmeter to check the battery then, you could inspect it through headlights. In case the car headlights are dimmer than before, you should replace the battery, and there is the possibility of a weak battery.

Power Probe Device

Power Probe device is almost similar to the voltmeter. It works on the same concepts as the voltmeter in connecting the positive terminal & negative to the power probe. However, it will display the same readings of 12.2 to 12.9 for a healthy battery.

Battery Health Indicator

In modern cars, battery health indicators are already installed, and old vehicles may not have them; however, this can be installed. The installation process is simple & quite easy. However, the glass screen shows the indication of a good or bad battery. Green colour indicates a good working condition or red shows the poor one. Moreover, the black or transparent colour display dead battery.

Checking through Ammeter

Ammeter – An old and outstanding device for the drivers and pre-installed in the vehicles. Simply, it shows the strong reading for good condition and low reading for the weak conditions.

The bottom line!!

These are the normal gadgets used to check the battery conditions. There are some different strategies and devices accessible; however, not exceptionally standard and helpful for everybody.

Aside from these gadgets, you can generally truly inspect the battery. Check if there is any crack or lump on the battery surface, which can be caused due to overcharging.We may not understand, however, that checking battery condition is significant and may improve your battery life as well. The abrupt dead battery can leave you abandoned in troublesome spots and circumstances. You have to incidentally check the battery voltage so that you will know the upfront replacement.